Alabama Real Estate Investing with James Spann

On today’s episode, we talk Alabama Real Estate Investing with James Spann. James joins Brian to talk about building your brand on social media. As a weatherman, James uses social media as a way to open up two-way communication between himself and the people he serves. Though James is not in real estate, the information provided in this episode is invaluable to people pursuing business in any field! In addition to social media, they discuss some aspects of the city of Birmingham specifically.

Key Takeaways:


With his brand, James does a lot of social media. Podcasts/audio is becoming more mainstream, as it becoming easier and more convenient to access this media.


We talk more Alabama Real Estate Investing with James Spann. And how he has been able to build his brand through the use of social media. Their “Weatherbrains” show has attracted a national following. Locally, James’ philosophy for managing his social media is to engage with people and treat them right. And to also have a servant’s heart that put others’ needs before their own. He tries his hardest to answer or connect with everyone who reaches out to him. It takes hard work — and time — but it’s important.


In the early days of the social media business, he realized it would connect him to other people by allowing the people he serves to talk back to him. The main thing he saw early on was the ability to get information from the field during life-threatening weather. In his particular line of work, social media also allows him to reach demographics that maybe wouldn’t be watching tv or listening to the radio in case of inclement weather.


Brian and James talk about the changes in Birmingham and Alabama Real Estate Investing with James Spann. He has been working professionally in Birmingham for thirty-seven years. Over the course of this time, he’s seen the phase where people wanted to get out of Birmingham. But now they’re in a cycle where people are trying to come to Birmingham. They talk about some of the positive changes in the city that make it a desirable place for people to live.


In the next 5-10 years, James imagines there will be a population increase. The biggest obstacle right now is fixing the public school system. Besides that, the affordability, culture, and other things make Birmingham a great place to live. Alabama Real Estate Investing with James Spann.


Brian and James discuss the predictability of the weather in Alabama and also reflect on the weather history in Alabama. The effect of severe weather to some areas in Alabama could be devastating. A weather radio and good smart phone app are crucial resources to be safe.


More Alabama Real Estate Investing with James Spann. As a real estate agent, there is not a guaranteed way to ensure a location based on weather.

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